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By sharing her knowledge and experience, Rickie believes her students will be able to transform and free themselves from self-imposed limitations. 

After retiring from an extensive nursing career, Rickie still fuels her passion for teaching and empowering others through her innate and learned knowledge about trance. She is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist by Coastal Academy and studied at the Arthur Findlay College where she learned from world-renowned teachers and enhanced her abilities to become a distinguished Psychic, Trance Medium and Spiritual Healer. Through her classes on trance mediumship, she aims to dispel the myths and fears related to trance and its various phenomena. 

She believes trance mediumship is a natural process of becoming aware of one’s spirit guides.

Develop Your Trance Work, Become Strong and Confident!


Learning And Community

Each intensive workshop and learning experience is organized and limited in number of participants to create a community of harmonious individuals. You can freely exchange insights, ideas, and experiences as we all work to strengthen our connection to the spirit world, our understanding of trance, and our confidence in our ability to use trance work for the betterment of ourselves and our clients.


Trance Mediumship Opportunities

Trance mediumship has many facets and opportunities to help yourself and others. Each course focuses on strengthening either a benefit of trance, such as trance healing or communication,  or a service you may offer, such as private sittings or platform demonstrations.

Which Trance Mediumship Workshop Is Right For You?

Level 1

Fundamentals of Trance Mediumship

As your interest and awareness of the spirit world grow, she guides your learning needs so you can reach your highest potential, develop your sensitivity, and your own unique way of connecting to the presence of your spirit friends, mentors, healers, and more. 


Level 2

Deepen Your Trance Mediumship

Even as an experienced trance medium and tutor, Rickie continues to seek out education and wisdom from world-renowned tutors in trance mediumship as well as from her own spirit team. Her motto is “one never arrives but rather progresses eternally.” 

Her passion is to teach and guide other trance workers who wish to become more in tune and aware of the spirit world as well as assist them in developing their own unique way of connecting to spirit.

Level 3

Progress Your Trance Mediumship

Trance mediumship allows students of any level to see into another world that offers limitless insight when the trance worker is open and strongly connected to their spirit team. 

Rickie believes that by sharing her knowledge and experience with students, they will be able to transform and free themselves from self-imposed limitations. She wants to help her students reach their highest potential in order to freely and regularly connect to their spirit guides, who are always with them and ready to share their wisdom. 


Level 4

Trance Communication Workshop

Strengthen your ability to express one of the most powerful benefits of trance mediumship. We focus on refining your ability to deliver impactful trance communication so your clients will benefit more deeply during private sittings, platform demonstrations, and using trance to communicate with loved ones for proof of survival.

Level 5

Private Sitting and Trance Mediumship

Get advice and practical exercises on how to grow in confidence and trust in your trance work to exceed your clients’ needs. Learn how to prepare your environment, your client, and yourself for a powerful private setting.


Level 6

Trance Platform Demonstration

We cover everything from securing the venue, marketing yourself leading up to the event, onstage conduct, what the audience needs to know about trance, working with your host, and also how to overcome common demonstration challenges. You will be more than prepared to host your next, or first, platform demonstration.

Level 7

Trance Healing

Deepen your connection to the spirit world and your spirit guides as this intensive focuses on trance healing. We will cover everything from the theory, the healer mindset, to the healer’s role in trance healing. There will also be time to practice this beautiful skill during the workshop with the guidance of an experienced tutor, Rickie.


Level 8

Trance Development Circle

The trance development circle provides a weekly opportunity to practice your trance work, share insights and discussions with others working to improve, and still receive guidance from an experienced tutor. This learning opportunity focuses on practicing and developing your natural way of working with trance.

What Our Customers Say



The deepening your Trance Workshop was excellent. Rickie Avitan is a very good teacher. She is very knowledgeable and is able to impart her knowledge to us her students. She is very patient and is able to work with beginners and also more experienced students in the same class. She is very encouraging and influences each student to not compare themselves to anyone else as we are all individual with our own gifts and abilities.

I enjoyed the class and will continue to develop through taking more of her classes.


Rickie is a gifted teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed all the trance classes and I don’t think I missed one this year. She is taking quality classes herself with some of the best teachers globally so you can be assured that she knows her subject well. More than a teacher, Rickie is a wonderful lightworker the integrity she puts into her work and her faith is an inspiration to me. She puts God first and her light attracts the high vibrational beings who are needed to facilitate healing and communication for the many who come to her. She is always putting tons of practice into her class with very varied exercises. My mediumship opened thanks to Rickie and I will be forever grateful to her.

Z Lienka

I felt really welcome and relaxed meeting Rickie Avitan. I received exactly what I needed and what I was hoping for. I am really confident in Rickie’s work and extremely grateful for her gift.

Betty Spaghetti

Rickie has been my Trance mentor for the past year. Her classes are beautifully delivered with the utmost love and encouragement for her students, following the inspiration from her own spirit friends. She is one of the most authentic Trance Tutor’s I have had the priviledge to meet and I love the way that she explores the science behind the connection in how our spirit friends work with us. This is truly fascinating! My passion is ‘Trance Healing’ but have learnt not to put limits on myself through Rickie’s teachings and have explored other modalities of Trance work with her. I thoroughly enjoy our development classes and practise circle and aspire to be like Rickie, who is a true ambassador to spirit.


Rickie passionately believes that education should continually be pursued – no matter your level of advancement. Continuing to learn and develop your trance work will only help you grow in confidence and enhance your ability to provide a deep, moving experience for yourself and your clients. The exercises you receive in these workshops will continue your journey of developing your natural way of working with trance. Finally, since these workshops are small groups, you will walk away with invigorating realizations after connecting to a community of harmonious individuals coming together to work and improve their trance ability to make the world more understanding and aware.

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