Private Sitting and Trance Mediumship Workshop


If you have experience with trance mediumship and currently offer or will soon add private sittings as a service within your practice, then this one-day intensive workshop is for you. Rickie, an experienced and trained trance medium, covers how to prepare your environment, your client, and yourself for these powerful sessions.

What You’ll Get From This Class

what you get from rickie's private trance sitting session

This workshop will refine and progress your trance work with the guidance of an experienced tutor. You will learn exercises that will help you build a strong foundation for your private sittings as you develop your own natural way of working with trance.

Rickie will provide you with professional tools that you can adopt into your practice:

  • Client Follow Up Practitioner Notes
  • First Meeting Checklist
  • Health History Questionnaire

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This one-day intensive will develop your confidence and trust in your trance work with private sittings. Learn powerful ways to conduct your interview in order to meet the needs of your client and to create mutual understanding of what to expect during the sitting as well as the potential benefits.


Rickie’s Class

Rickie goes into ways to prepare your environment in order to conduct a proper private sitting. We cover the dos and don’ts of private sittings and how to overcome challenging situations with the client that may arise during or after your trance work. Finally, we will explore the many ways your client may benefit from your trance work during a private sitting such as trance healing, guidance, and communication. We will even discuss soul journey, a powerful experience for your client, where you look into your sitter’s life story and reflect it back so he or she can gain new insights into their lives. 

You will leave this workshop equipped with practical exercises and professional advice that will grow your confidence and help you toward your own unique and natural way of working with trance that will benefit your clients on their own spiritual healing journey. 


An intensive class like this allows experienced individuals in trance to further refine and progress in your trance work. This wonderful journey of trust, truth, and love with the world unseen is a great next step in the series of Rickie’s trance mediumship courses as you strengthen your connection with and understanding of the spirit world.

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