Progress Your Trance Mediumship Workshop


Take your already developed understanding of trance speaking to a new level and become a purer channel of the spirit world. Explore and form a deeper connection and understanding than ever with your spirit team when you  learn  and practice with an experienced medium like Rickie. 

What You’ll Get From This Class

Better communication with the spirit world will make you an even more pure and valuable source of all the insight and hope the spirit world has to offer you and your clients. This course covers the various methods of trance speaking with your spirit team that will lead to more profound communication that will help you and your clients.

This progressive trance workshop is designed to support your advancement and refinement in trance mediumship, guiding you beyond the limitations of the mind.

You will think deeply, discuss, and practice:

  • Philosophy of trance speaking
  • Trance speaking using various methods of exploration
  • Understanding your individual sensitivity, reactivity, and responsiveness to your spirit friends’ influence
  • Understanding the nature and benefit of trance in your daily life and the life of others

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Join us for an exclusive class designed for those who wish to further explore and deepen their relationship with their spirit friends. Delve into various aspects of trance mediumship, including speaking, healing, writing, and connecting with your spirit guides.


Rickie’s Class

Through various practical exercises, we will delve into a subdued state where your spirit friends can share their wisdom from the spirit world. We will work toward building a close relationship with your spirit friends. 

Your spirit team needs to get to know how to work with you. Learning to trust yourself and your team allows you to move further into an altered state of consciousness and surrender to their guidance. Gain a clear understanding of the spirit world and portray it and its guidance to help yourself and your clients as you explore the many aspects of trance speaking in this intensive workshop. 


Clarifying and understanding the full potential of trance speaking will only strengthen your connection with your spirit team. Join Rickie, an experienced trance tutor, and other fellow trance workers as you take one more step on the wonderful journey of trust, truth, and love of the world unseen. 

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