Trance Communication Workshop


This intensive workshop for experienced trance students focuses on trance communication mediumship and building confidence in communicating and connecting with your spirit team in the spirit world.

What You’ll Get From This Class

Those already with an established foundation in trance and already working publicly or privately will benefit most from this workshop as we focus on strengthening trance communication with loved ones for proof of survival, private sittings, and platform demonstration work.

This workshop focuses on improving, strengthening, and refining:

  • Trance abilities
  • Trance communication
  • Private sittings
  • Platform demonstrations

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Join us, our class with limited seats and intended for those with a foundation in trance as we all work to improve upon trance communication with the guidance of Rickie, an experienced tutor. 

Trance is a very refined aspect of mediumship. It enhances all aspects of mediumship, our spirituality, and so many aspects of our lives as we open our minds to the channel within. Trance communication is one of the most powerful aspects of trance mediumship because your best communication comes only when  you let go of fears and allow for trust and cooperation with your spirit team.


Rickie’s Class

In this workshop, we will further refine your trance abilities through different aspects of trance communication.  We will work on your ability to trust your spirit team and yourself as well as further refine your ability to achieve an altered state of consciousness for more impactful trance communication. Specifically, we explore how to better communicate when connecting to loved ones through trance. You will learn how to allow for the blending of a loved one’s spirit with your own and without reservation to allow true proof of survival, hope and love to your clients because of this deeper connection with spirit.  Furthermore,  we explore how to conduct private sittings as well as platform work and how we can strengthen these services by bettering our trance communication skills.


Enjoy deep conversation and focused practice with the power of trance and the guidance of Rickie, an experienced tutor. Learn how to deepen your connection with the spirit world, your clients, and yourself as your trance communication skills develop to a higher level of clarity in this one-day intensive workshop. 

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