Trance Development Circle Intermediate

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Elevate your trance
mediumship with the right guidance

This trance circle will provide you with weekly practice strengthening your relationship with your spirit team. Providing you with the opportunity to practice what you have already learned in the trance courses with Rickie or other trance teachers.

What You’ll Get From This Class

Each week to strengthen, refine, and progress your trance abilities, we will practice:

  • Sitting in the power achieving attunement

  • Achieving an altered states of consciousness with your guides for various trance

  • Practice trance speaking, Healing, Communication, writing and many more

  • Strengthening and refining, progressing your trance abilities

Come with an open mind and a love for all beings, and the rest will unfold naturally.

Trance Circle Intention

In the development circle you will be able to develop your own natural way of working with your spirit team and your spirt control. Each one of you is unique individual with unique skills and abilities that your spirit team can utilize to help humanity.

The trance development circle will include various exercises in large and small groups this will support you in gaining the confidence you need to work with trance mediumship. Rickie will be supporting you to move beyond the limitations of your own mind. Trance is a very refined aspect of mediumship, it influences our spirituality, inspiration, intuition and so many aspects of our lives as we are open to the channel within and without. It enhances all aspects of mediumships

Rickie will be leading and guiding the circle. This is time for you to practice what you already learned. 

Learn about your trance development circle class for intermediate students

*Please note that the trance development circle is not a teaching setting, meaning Rickie will provide guidance throughout the session but will not be instructing. Please come with a working knowledge and practiced hand of trance mediumship.

step into your intermediate trance development class with rickie

Who is this for?

Trance Development Circle is designed for those who have taken the essentials workshop with Rickie and are enrolled in the intermediate level.

This class is right for you if you already have established a base foundation, knowledge, development and understanding of trance mediumship. You may even be working with trance publicly or in private settings but still wish to further refine and progress your trance work. 

This trance development circle class is a series of Rickie’s trance mediumship circle program.

Trance Development Circle

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