Trance Platform Demonstration Workshop


Those experienced in trance mediumship will benefit from this one-day intensive workshop as Rickie, an experienced and trained trance medium, gives you training exercises and practical advice on how to prepare and conduct yourself leading up to and during the demonstration.

What You’ll Get From This Class

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Approach platform demonstrations with confidence in your ability and trance work by learning from an experienced tutor. Walk away from this workshop with the exercises necessary to develop your own natural way of working with trance and the ins and outs of arranging, marketing, and performing your next platform demonstration.

  • What you need to know about platform demonstration
  • How to prepare for the venue
  • How to work with your host to ensure success
  • What the audience needs to know about your trance work
  • Your work on the platform
  • Overcoming platform challenges
  • Overcoming challenging situations within the audience
  • Prepare your platform pretalk
  • Practice the different ways of working with trance and platform such as trance healing, trance philosophy, trance communication, your own style and way

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Join us on Zoom for a class with limited seats. This one-day intensive focuses on platform demonstration and is meant for those with experience in trance work but want to build their confidence and trust while refining their skill. The exercises we do will include conducting mock interviews and role play, because the more practice you have, the more confidence you develop in your abilities as a platform demonstrator.

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Rickie’s Class

We will explore how to prepare for your work, the dos and don’ts of platform work, and what you will need to ensure your session’s success. We will discuss how to work with the chair or host of the event and how to stay in your power during and after your trance work. In addition, we will cover the different benefits of platform demonstration, such as trance healing, guidance, speaking and communication that you and the audience may experience.

In terms of planning for and running the event, we will discuss ways to conduct your booking with the venue and how to market yourself leading up to the demonstration. Furthermore, we will address how to overcome challenging situations with the audience so you will be thoroughly prepared.

You will leave the workshop with practical exercises and sound advice to build a solid, strong foundation for your platform and trance work. This is one more step on your own unique and natural way of working with trance in order for you and your audience to benefit from its unimaginable healing potential.


This one-day intensive workshop will support your trance refinement and public work as you develop your own natural way of working with trance and how to present your work to the public through platform demonstration. Begin your wonderful journey of trust, truth, and love of the world unseen with the guidance of Rickie, an experienced trance tutor.

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