Spiritual Healing Mediumship

special spiritual healing with alan holmes workshop

Join this special Spiritual Healing workshop where Rickie and Alan will support you in gaining the confidence and trust in-self with your spirit healers guides.  

In this workshop, Rickie and Alan will support you to move beyond the limitations of your own mind.

Rickie Avitan, Psychic, Trance Medium, Spiritual Healer & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Alan John Holmes, Spiritual Medium, Trance & Healer

What This Workshop Is About

The focus of the workshop is to teach healing modality called Spiritual Healing. Spirit healing through yourself as the medium instrument.

Why you should attend this workshop?  It will teach you the art of delivering and receiving healing. You will be taught in the easies and simpliest way to deliver healing within the three methods of spiritual healing.

Who can Register:

This workshop is suitable and open to all who wish to create a communion with the divine for the purpose of healing. This workshop is designed for those who have been trying to sit with the world of spirits, but unable to or for those who wish to develop their healing abilities. This is for those who wish to be intune with their own spirit, you don’t need to have any experience in spiritual healing mediumship or mediumship.

All you need is to come with an open heart and willingness to learn and transform your life with the unfoldment of what is already within, Spirit & Love.

spiritual healing program course list

Course Description:

  • Learn the foundations for sitting in the power for the purpose of attunement with spirit healing guides.
  • Learn the foundation of Contact, Distant and Absent Healing
  • Identifying Auric, Magnetic Field, Vibration & Its Importance within the Healing
  • Learn the healer’s code of conduct and ethical responsibilities
  • The Science Behind Spiritual Healing
  • The Art of Assessment
  • The Healer & The Healy
  • Workshop will be Part Theory and Part Practice
  • Practicing Contact, Distant, Absent Healing

What Is Healing Mediumship?


Healing mediumship is as old as humankind. In this intensive workshop, Rickie Avitan and Alan J, Holmes, will help you develop awareness for spiritual healing as a skill.

The workshop will take place over one day. Throughout the day, we will be supporting you in gaining confidence, knowledge, and comfort with the presence of the spirits.

Each session builds upon the next. Within the course of the day, you will gain the knowledge that you need to work within the realm of spiritual healing mediumship. In addition you will gain the ability to sense the presence of the world unseen, and those who are walking along side you silently.


learn and develop healing mediumship with rickie and alan

Event Details

Date: Oct 26, 2024
Time: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Price: $70
Pre-registration (No payment at the door)

Location: Gilmore Park United Church. 8060 No.1 Road, Richmond
free parking underneath



Prepare For The Event

You will need to bring with you the following:

  • Lunch box
  • Your own mug for tea
  • Pen, notebook, water bottle
  • Small blanket to keep warm

Snacks and herbal tea will be provided throughout the day

Event Speakers

rickie avitan main speaker for 2024 healing workshop

Rickie Avitan

Psychic, Trance Medium, Spiritual
Healer, and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Rickie Avitan Psychic Trance Medium, holds a prominent position as a respected hypnotherapist based in Richmond, BC. Her expertise encompasses being a Psychic, Trance Medium, Spiritual Healer, and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

A natural-born medium, Rickie connects with the spirit world to deliver profound experiences and loving messages from departed loved ones for healing, solace and connection.

She also shares her knowledge and expertise through her role as a tutor of trance mediumship, imparting her wisdom to aspiring practitioners. Her dedication to her clients is paramount, ensuring that the messages delivered are treated with the utmost respect and in their purest form. Her reach extends internationally, as she offers demonstrations and teachings on trance mediumship to audiences across borders.


Alan John Holmes

Spiritual Medium, Trance & Healer

From earliest childhood Alan has been aware of spirit. At the age of three he woke from a deep sleep to see a man, shimmering in light, standing at the end of his bed. From that time on Alan has had many visitations from spirit and has been gifted with premonitions both for individuals as well as world events. Alan prefers to think that we are not just mediums or healers but instruments and if we are aligned with the Divine, we can be used by the spirit world for any purpose necessary to bring healing to all in need. Ultimately there are no limitations.

Alan is available for readings, healings, development groups, and demonstrations of mediumship. He also has a podcast called “Let Spirit Speak” where he shares and discusses many spiritual experiences he has had with spirit from healings, readings, encounters with a nature spirit, premonitions and more.

You can contact Alan by e-mail at:


By Phone 604-818-9028

You may find Alan’s podcast at “Let Spirit Speak” through the Podcast App, and other podcast supports.

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