How to make your trance experience a success?

follow rickie's guideline for trance mediumship sessions

The effectiveness of Trance Mediumship depends on the harmony created within the group by participants and the facilitator*. Below are some of our policies that we would kindly like all attendees to abide by.

Wear proper clothes for trance event and workshop


When attending an event or workshop, please dress comfortably and appropriately so you can collaborate with the spirit and the divine.

Join trance session in a quiet environment


If you are attending remotely via Zoom, please use a computer in a quiet private space without any distractions. Smartphones cannot be used as they are not compatible with the trance experience.

Proper sitting position for Rickie's zoom trance session


When attending a Zoom session remotely, please use a chair with an upright back for support. Avoid lying in bed or on a sofa; imagine you are in an in-person classroom setting.

Be on time for your trance session with Rickie


Please log on to Zoom at least 15 minutes before the workshop begins. And please keep your camera onn during the class but keep your microphone on mute throughout the session.

grab a pen and paper to takes notes on your trance mediumship experience


Prepare a pen and notebook to take as many notes as you wish.

have water available for smooth session in trance with rickie


Make sure you have a glass of water beside you, as hydration is imperative during the session. If possible, avoid stimulants such as coffee 2 hours before class. If possible, Refrain from drinking alcohol 24 hours prior to class.

avoid eating food during trance session


Please refrain from eating during class to prevent yourself from feeling nauseated due to the high energy you’ll be experiencing in class. If you are at risk of having low blood sugar, you can have some food during break time to replenish your energy. Please avoid chewing of gum or candy during the class.

*The facilitator reserves the right to remove anyone whose behavior disrupts this harmony.

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