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Private Reading Service

A private setting is an intimate walk with the Spirit. All of Rickie’s readings are Spirit-led and it is the Spirit who decides what is needed for the sitter at that point in their lives. This can encompass many aspects of the sitter’s life, both past, and present, as well as who comes through for them from the spirit world.

There is no agenda set prior to your reading. It is important that you come fully prepared to be open and sit without expectations. Private readings are offered in-person at Rickie’s office located in Richmond BC. You will be provided with the office address after you have booked your reading. 

Need to know when attending a Private Reading

  • Unless otherwise noted, readings are 50-60 minutes in length.
  • I always start my sessions with a prayer as it is the most important element in bringing forward God’s white light of protection and healing, and to call forward the light of spirit and your loved ones.
  • I will leave time near the end of the session to see if you have any questions for your loved ones or your angels. I will provide any other information that needs to be provided to you during your reading. Whatever information is brought forth in reading is meant to be received.
  • You are over the age of 18 years old.
    • NOTE: Private readings are available for individuals 18 years or older. If someone is under 18 years, an adult must accompany him or her. Please note at the time of booking if there will be a minor present.
  • Due to my strong spirit sensitivity, support people are not allowed to attend any of the private readings unless a booking has been made for a family, group, or custom reading.
  • Please do not provide or email me with information you are requesting to hear from your deceased loved ones, spiritual guides, angels, or the divine. Simply book reading and allow the information to come through during your actual reading session.
  • I will not provide a recording of the session, but you will be given the opportunity to record your reading if you wish (most people use their cell phones).
  • I only work within God’s light.
    • Please be mindful of the questions you are seeking to have answered.
    • Allow the reading to unfold, as it needs to.
    • The spirit world (your loved ones), the angelic realm, and God already know what you need to receive.
    • Trust they will provide you with everything you need to hear and experience during your session.
  • It is important to let you know that your loved ones during a reading will not tell you how to live your life or provide you with information that may leave you with a heavy heart or feelings of negativity and fear. They will talk about their lives, their passing, what has happened since they have passed, and perhaps they may even provide you with some quality advice. However, they are not going to tell you what to do, and they are not coming through to give you predictions. This is your life and you must make your own decisions. They will give you guidance when and if it is needed. It is truly amazing, the departed, the angels, already know what you really need to hear.

In-person or Zoom

Private readings are offered in-person at Rickie’s office located in Richmond BC as well as Readings offered via zoom. You will be provided with the office address after you have booked your reading.

Group Reading Service

Rickie offers group readings at your location. She will work with your friends and family, offering a reading, as well as insights and connections with loved ones from the unseen world. Rickie will make every effort to devote an appropriate amount of time to each person present, depending on the connection, energy levels, and spirit communicator.

Group readings are an amazing experience for both worlds, the seen and the unseen. Group readings include the sharing of hearts and minds, through the deep love that continues regardless of earthly conditions.

Need to know when hosting a Group Reading

  • Rickie will arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the reading to set up space. Please arrange for a quiet place where she can meditate for 25 minutes prior to the start time.
  • The host is responsible for inviting the guests and ensuring they are on time since latecomers can be disruptive to the group reading experience.
  • The host is responsible for collecting the fees and paying Rickie by the end of the session. Remember that the group reading cost is calculated based on the number of attendees.
  • Food and drinks make for a pleasant atmosphere; alcohol however is discouraged during the reading.
  • Please ask your guests to sit quietly during readings and to stay in the room. Cell phones are to be in silent mode as this could be distracting for Rickie.
  • Receiving a message cannot be guaranteed, but if time allows, Rickie will do psychometry (reading inanimate objects) so please ask guests to bring a piece of their own or a loved ones’ jewelry (preferably, a necklace or ring).

Reading Sessions

1 user

For 1 Person

50 – 60 min

2 users

For 2 Person

60+ minutes

3 users

For 3 Person

90+ minutes

3 users

For 4 Person

90+ minutes

3 users

For 6 - 10 Person

120+ minutes

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