Psychic Mediumship Sessions

Attending any one of Rickie’s mediumship sessions, trance mediumship sessions, or psychic medium consultations has the potential to help you navigate confusing life transitions such as the loss of a loved one.

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Our Psychic Medium Services

Rickie is a mental, an evidential medium. Attending any one of Rickie’s medium session has the potential to help you navigate confusing life transitions or the loss of a loved one. 
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Psychic Mediumship

Rickie communicates with your departed loved one to offer strong evidence of their survival after death. She can also communicate with your spirit guides in order to calm your unrest and offer guidance and healing. The focus of these sessions will be determined beforehand and is decided by you. 


What Our Customers Say

Vivian Aubin

I have had the privilege of learning Trance from Rickie — from the Fundamentals of Trance Mediumship, Trance Healing and Transcommunication. Rickie’s style of teaching is exceptional!! Her connection and communication with her Spirit team are in collaboration throughout the teaching and know explicitly what you as a participant need to be able to advance and strive in your Trance Mediumship!! Rickie’s compassion and love for Spirit and her students are evident throughout her classes!! Any class with Rickie is a class that you will be so grateful and appreciative that you were privileged to be a part of!! Rickie, I thank you and your Spirit team from the bottom of my heart for opening us to Spirit and the many gifts, love and phenemenonal experiences that you bring with you each time we meet!!! Looking forward to more classes with you!!

Riva Waldman

Thank you Rickie for an amazing reading that has left such a wonderful healing impact on my daughter and me. Your communication with my parents/her grandparents was very accurate and you passed on messages with love light and insight. Such an emotional experience brought a gambit of feelings we hold in our hearts. With gratitude and blessing, we acknowledge your gifts and talents….and will connect with you time after time!


This was my first experience and you have completely ‘wowed’ me! Thank you so much, Rickie. You have an incredible heart and I appreciate you sharing your gift with us.

Luis Grisales

What a lovely experience. Thank you Rickie for putting us close to our loved ones. It is good to know that our family members and friends are not dead, that they are still living. God bless you.


You are truly amazing! I can’t thank you enough for sharing your gift, you are truly a very wonderful and gifted lady with a gifted soul. Thank you for everything!

Eda Cheng

Thank you Rickie for your reading. For years, I’ve been wanting to connect with my grandmother and felt very lost when she passed. I needed to know if she’s ok and she is! Your special gift has made my heart sing.

Thais Cabral

Thank you Rickie for sharing your gift and light with us. I don’t know much about my ancestors, but I could feel through the messages the important things I have to learn and work on in this life. Thank you! God bless you!


Dearest Rickie, Thank you for serving spirit and sharing your gift with us. The first message I ever received from you changed the course of my life for the Better and it is my mission to help others receive the help they need. Hence, hosting. Thank you!


Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with me. I was open but so nervous, and you completely made me feel safe and protected. Your words will stay with me and I look forward to meeting with you soon.
Thank You,


Thank you for your gentle grace in allowing me to speak to my darling father. It saddens me to think he was not who I thought he was. But I too know those masks that create walls. But with God’s grace, I am slowly able to walk through and bathe in the sunlight of the spirit. Thank you for everything.


Dear Rickie,

I am so grateful to have met you this lovely evening. I think of my parents often and wonder what they would say to me. I cannot express in words, my gratitude to thank you. Thank you for passing on their message to me. It isn’t closure, it is confirmation of their love. Please continue to help others, you have a gift, which I’m sure you know. And I’m sure we will cross paths again. Xoxo.

Sheryl Dragicevic

Dear Rickie, Thank you for being part of my journey to discovery. You have been used by the spirits to help me heal and become the person God truly intended me to be. God bless you and everyone you help. You are a true Angel of God! Love always and forever grateful.

Carol Powell

Rickie, I feel so blessed to have connected with my parents who passed through this opportunity with you. It was very emotional and yet comforting at all at the same time. Thank you so much!


Dear Rickie, I love you! Thanks again for coming to our place. You are so amazing at connecting with spirits. You have helped everyone here tonight, so so much. Especially my nephew Brandon may he take what he heard tonight and put it in his life. What a blessing, we have met you.

Mediumship Sessions

Mediumship sessions help you overcome internal struggle by filling you with understanding, peace, hope, and can even give you a clear path to move forward. In her sessions, Rickie delivers strong evidence, validation, healing, and loving messages from departed loved ones or guidance from your spirit guides. Rickie may deliver messages or communication from the Spirit World through inspired speaking and spiritual assessment. 

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When struggling with the loss of  a loved one: 

Communicating with a loved one through Rickie either in a mediumship or trance mediumship session leaves you with strong evidence and validation that your loved one survived death and is still alive in spirit. These feelings of confidence in your loved one’s survival allowsyou to heal and move on from grief.
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When struggling with a confusing life transition or an internal struggle:

Either through trance mediumship or mediumship, the ability to communicate with your spirit guides or loved ones will offer great relief and guidance from hearing their words and philosophy. This guidance allows you to heal and let your inner turmoil resolve to peace and bring to light a more clear path forward.
Consult With Rickie For Your Psychic Solution
Rickie’s services help anyone feeling unsure of where their loved one is now or internally unsettled by a major life event. These services and experiences allow you to connect with those who can offer you validation, healing, and guidance through your emotional journey and leave you feeling relieved and enlightened in how to proceed next in your life.

Mediumship Services

During medium readings, Rickie delivers strong evidence and messages from your departed loved ones. The messages are relayed in their purest form to make the experience as authentic and intimate as possible.

Please make sure to join the Zoom meeting from a quiet location where you can be fully focused on the session and without distractions. It will help to have either a laptop/computer or tablet for this Zoom meeting to ensure the best experience.

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