The Trance Room from Realization to Actualization Method Workshop


Unlock Your Inner Potential with The Trance Room from Realization to Actualization Method Workshop

Embark on a transformative journey as you delve into “The Trance Room from Realization to Actualization Method Workshop.” This immersive experience offers a unique opportunity to unlock your inner potential, harness the power of trance, and manifest your aspirations into reality.

Course Details

In this five hour intensive workshop you will be provided with an advanced tool to support your practice as a trance medium practitioner. The “Trance Room from Realization to Actualization” method will provide you with an advanced tool where you will learn how to alter your clients states of consciousness enabling them to have greater access to a greater knowledge that reside within them. This will enable your client to move forward from where they might be in a holt in their lives.

This method can be used with your clients who are open to spiritual journey and open to exploration of deeper work and possibility of other realities.


Who is it for?


This workshop is for those who have taken trance workshop and feel comfortable with their trance work. They have good understanding of how trance and what trance is, this workshop is for hypnotherapist who are interested in furthering their experience and the experience of their clients, having another tool in your toolbox. This is NOT a beginner workshop

This workshop space is very limited group of ten people only. This will be individualist personal workshop

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