Trance Healing Mediumship Retreat

join our special 2024 healing workshop with 4 speakers

Join our special in-person Trance Healing Workshop. Our special 2024 workshop will include special guests: Julia Mare, Christine Wong, and Jean-Luc Grenier. 

What You’ll Get From This Class

What is Trance Healing? Trance Healing is a very powerful method of spiritual healing, this is special because the healing energy comes directly from spirit. Trance Healing is a form of Mediumship, and through the attunemnt, a medium is able to blend and merge with the spirit healers. It is through the spirit healers that we learn and gain their knowledge and expertise.

You will learn, experience and gain: 


  • Fundamentals of trance healing
  • Achieving altered states of consciousness
  • Developing and establishing connection with your spirit friends
  • Establishing rapport with spirit healers
  • Theory of trance healing, the healer mindset
  • Healer’s role in trance healing,
  • Trance healing ethics and
  • Do and don’ts
  • Setting up environment for trance states
  • Demonstration of Medical Empathy
  • Full Spectrum Healing journey

Who can register

This intensive one-day trance healing workshop is aimed for a mixed level. with or without prior trance mediumship experience, you can also join if you have some experience with meditation or energy work. Furthermore, for those who already have established a strong foundation, knowledge and development of trance. You may even be working with trance publicly or in private settings but still wish to further refine and progress your trance healing work.

The class is mixed levels. You do not need to be a medium you do need to have a compassionate heart that wish to heal and help others.

what to expect for our 2024 healing workshop
be prepared, don't forget, know what to bring to the 2024 trance healing workshop

Be Prepared

The day will be part theory and part practice where we implement the learning material into practice.

You will also need to bring:

  • Bottle of Water
  • Own mug for tea
  • Own Lunch
  • Notebook and Pen

Tea and snacks will be provided throughout the day.

Event Details

Date: Mar 03 2024
Time: 10 AM – 4 PM

Price: $65
: 10 AM – 10:30AM
*event starts at 10:30AM*

Location: Centennial Lodge, New West BC, Canada
Parking Instructions:
Enter Queen’s Park using 3rd Ave. When you enter the roundabout, take the exit towards the building “Arena”. The building “Arena” will be on the left and a baseball field will be on the right. Continue through the street, shortly after you will have an intersection with the option to turn left or go straight. Go straight towards the two stone pillars. After crossing the intersection, stay to the right and enter the parking lot on the right of the street.


Event Speakers

rickie avitan main speaker for 2024 healing workshop

Rickie Avitan

Psychic, Trance Medium, Spiritual
Healer, and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Rickie holds a prominent position as a respected hypnotherapist based in Richmond, BC. Her expertise encompasses being a Psychic, Trance Medium, Spiritual Healer, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her unique talents extend to being a natural-born medium, enabling her to connect with the spirit world and deliver profound experiences to her clients. She employs her innate mediumship abilities to bring forth compelling evidence, validation, and healing.

Her dedication to her clients is paramount, ensuring that the messages delivered are treated with the utmost respect and in their purest form. 

Julia mare guest for 2024 healing workshop

Julia Mare

BodyTalk Practitioner and Bodytalk for Animals, Quantum Touch Practitioner and QT Level 1 Instructor, Reiki Master, and Ethereal Crystal Master & Trance Medium

Julia started her journey as a BodyTalk practitioner in South Africa, truly finding passion in working with people and animals. Julia is a certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Quantum Touch level 1 instructor, Reiki Master and Ethereal Crystal Master. Combining all modalities Julia, believes that one is able to release emotional, physical, mental pain and blockages through the understanding of the body language and the influenced energies. 

Julia operates her full-time practice from Maple Ridge as well as facilitating remote healing.

christine wong guest for 2024 healing workshop

Christine Wong

Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Medium, Seichem Energy Healer & Crystal Practitioner

Christine is a spiritual medium who connects with high vibrational beings and the crystal kingdom to share divine wisdom. She assists others to reconnect with their body, mind, and soul for the purpose of self-healing.

Leading a process that is needed for her clients highest best. As a spiritual/energy healer, and trance medium, she helps individuals clear and realign their chakras systems and raising their multilevel vibrations.

Christine is also the founder of Soulfulself. Her work is to connect with the individual’s spirit team and receive guidance as to what crystals/gemstones they require. She intuitively creates intention bracelets, necklaces, anklets and rings to assist, enlighten and empower an individual’s self-healing process.

jean luc guest for 2024 healing workshop

Jean-Luc Grenier

Artist & Sound Healer

Jean-Luc Grenier is an artist from Montreal who has made his home in Vancouver, decades ago. Working with different medias such as painting, sculpture and music. Moreover, Jean-Luc has been working with sound healing using his Crystal bowl. Providing magical meditation journey through the vortex that has been created by using the same crystal bowl, since the late 90’s. This healing vortex have been established through countless peoples participating in Jean-Luc healing journeys in private and public Sessions. The vibration and sound has an affect and influence on all the chakras systems creating and guiding a process that facilitate the softening  and releasing of  blocks and obstacles on all multidimensional  vibrational layers.

Jean-Luc has called this process Full Spectrum Healing and he is pleased to share with each one of you, to experience.

join us, sign up for the 2024 trance healing workshop

The day is filled with ample opportunities for you to express the power of trance with the guidance of an experienced tutor. You will be travelling into a wonderful journey of trust, truth, and love with the world unseen.

All you need is to come with an open heart and willingness to learn and transform your life with the unfoldment of what is already within.

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