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Trance mediumship is all about the experience and being one with spirit. Imagine speaking directly to the spirit who is connecting with you through Rickie. You will be impacted in more ways than you can ever imagine.


What is Trance Mediumship?

Trance is a natural state of consciousness that we all experience to some degree or depth throughout the day and can happen spontaneously without the influence of the Spirit World. For example, you go into a trance state when you lose yourself in thought while driving home from work and find yourself closer to home than you realized and not recollecting a certain portion of the drive. On other occasions you “daydream” and become more present to your inner thoughts than your surroundings. These moments all fall under the category of being in a “trance,”  an altered state of consciousness. Most of us are most familiar with what is known as “light” trance state, but that is only one of many levels. 

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What Happens in Trance Mediumship?

While in a trance, the medium experiences a strong exchange of mental and physical energies while fusing consciousness with the spirit control. Trance mediumship entails developing a special relationship with the Spirit World and the spirits that control and work with the mind of the medium.  By nurturing good rapport between the spirits and the medium, it creates a sharper, more specific and accurate flow of information on various topics of conversation.  For example, Rickie has wonderful spirit friends and other spirit guides who work very closely with her, and they work together to converse and share views on philosophy, healing, spirit communications, teaching, mediumship and many other topics.

What Happens During A Trance Session?

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Rickie will guide you throughout the visit by first having a short conversation with you asking the purpose of your visit. It is important to identify the purpose of your visit, because it  identifies your needs which Rickie and her spirit friends need to understand in order to have as impactful an experience as possible. However, please do not give too much information to Rickie as it may allow her conscious mind to overwork while in trance state which would interfere with the subconscious mind’s connection with the Spirit World.  Once you and Rickie have correctly identified what type of session you wish to have, the session can occur with set intentions.

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The Session:

Rickie will start with an opening prayer and will transition into an altered state of consciousness (this step might take a few minutes) where you will see her appear to fall asleep. This is Rickie’s conscious mind stepping aside to allow her spirit friends to blend with her mind and energy and begin communicating with them.  Once the blending has taken place between Rickie’s mind and the Spirit World, the spirit guides who have taken control of Rickie’s mind will start speaking with you. At this point, the session has officially begun. 


Please don’t be alarmed if you notice Rickie’s face and voice change. It might feel or look strange to you, but it is all part of the process. Within a few moments, you will forget that you are speaking with a spirit and instead feel as though you are speaking with a friend. 

Benefits of Trance Mediumship


Trance Healing

Trance mediumship can help those who seek healing on a physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual level. Rickie’s spirit friends including doctors and healers will blend with her to deliver healing energies to you through Rickie’s mind. During the session, Rickie’s spirit control will speak with you directly and will take you on a journey. This experience is very unique to the individual.


Trance Guidance

Experiencing a trance mediumship session may give you guidance in your life. Trance guidance benefits those who might feel stuck or lost and unsure of what to do next and also helps those  in need of guidance in specific areas of life. Rickie’s spirit friends will bring forth information that is helpful to you and your specific situation. They will always work with you to help you realize your issue and ultimately will support and empower you. They will work with you to give you options on how to move through your unique setback. 


Trance Communication

This is a very special experience and benefit of trance mediumship. This differs from mental mediumship where Rickie conveys messages from your loved ones; instead in trance communication, Rickie’s spirit control will bring forward your loved one to speak directly with you. This is achieved by the loved one using Rickie’s body and vocal cords to speak with you.

Please note, Rickie will do this type of communication only after your loved one has been in spirit for at least six months.


Trance Speaking

This trance mediumship is very close to Rickie’s heart as this allows the spirit friends to share their philosophy about whatever they wish to share with us at that time. It might be about their Spirit World, guidance within our own world, or many more aspects of their or our own reality.


Spiritual Assessment

 This effect of trance mediumship best benefits those who work within the spirit realms. As Rickie transitions into a trance state, her spirit friends will reveal information to you about your current relationship with the Spirit World as well as what you might need to enhance your relationship. It is very helpful for lightworkers – those who have an awareness of the Spirit World but do not have a developed way of communicating with it yet. 

What Our Customers Say



The deepening your Trance Workshop was excellent. Rickie Avitan is a very good teacher. She is very knowledgeable and is able to impart her knowledge to us her students. She is very patient and is able to work with beginners and also more experienced students in the same class. She is very encouraging and influences each student to not compare themselves to anyone else as we are all individual with our own gifts and abilities.

I enjoyed the class and will continue to develop through taking more of her classes.


Rickie is a gifted teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed all the trance classes and I don’t think I missed one this year. She is taking quality classes herself with some of the best teachers globally so you can be assured that she knows her subject well. More than a teacher, Rickie is a wonderful lightworker the integrity she puts into her work and her faith is an inspiration to me. She puts God first and her light attracts the high vibrational beings who are needed to facilitate healing and communication for the many who come to her. She is always putting tons of practice into her class with very varied exercises. My mediumship opened thanks to Rickie and I will be forever grateful to her.

Z Lienka

I felt really welcome and relaxed meeting Rickie Avitan. I received exactly what I needed and what I was hoping for. I am really confident in Rickie’s work and extremely grateful for her gift.

Betty Spaghetti

Rickie has been my Trance mentor for the past year. Her classes are beautifully delivered with the utmost love and encouragement for her students, following the inspiration from her own spirit friends. She is one of the most authentic Trance Tutor’s I have had the priviledge to meet and I love the way that she explores the science behind the connection in how our spirit friends work with us. This is truly fascinating! My passion is ‘Trance Healing’ but have learnt not to put limits on myself through Rickie’s teachings and have explored other modalities of Trance work with her. I thoroughly enjoy our development classes and practise circle and aspire to be like Rickie, who is a true ambassador to spirit.

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