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Rickie Avitan

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about medium. If a question is not answered here, please send me an email and I will respond to you.


Where is the Spirit World?

A simple question, yet with such an important answer! Well, my belief is that it isn’t above us or below us — it’s actually all around us. I was taught to believe that everything is made up of energy and vibrations. The vibrations of this physical world where we exist in human form are slow and dense, whereas the Spirit World vibrates at a much higher rate. That’s why it’s invisible to the human eye. It’s because it’s vibrating at such a high frequency that we can’t see it. There’s a thin layer between this world and the next (which I refer to either as “the Other-Side” or “the Spirit World”), and the only thing that separates us is the frequency of the vibrations.

Can anyone become a medium?

“Mediums are born — not made.” I really want to add that I firmly believe that everyone is born with a degree of psychic ability, and each and every one of us has the capability to improve and develop our awareness (psychically, intuitively, or on a deeper level of mediumship). We all have the ability to connect with our loved ones who have passed on through the power of thought and our dreams. In my demonstration, I say “ your loved ones are only a phone call away”. We can assist them in contacting us by learning to increase and raise our energy — by doing so; we’ll help in the communication by meeting them halfway. So, to answer the question, no, I don’t believe that anyone can become a medium. Rest assured, if you have the gift of mediumship, it’s likely to present itself in its own way and in its own time. My last piece of advice with respect to this question is on a somber note. I do not recommend this as something that you should dabble with. It’s such a serious subject and one that requires both dedication, commitment, and responsibility. If you find out that you do have the gift and want to eventually practice as a working medium, it will take dedication, patience, and time, as it can be a physically demanding job. Mediumship has to develop and grow; you’ll find that most mediums spend their entire lives developing their abilities. One final point: you must also be ready to live a life of service and purity. A life that is filled with compassion to others to the seen and unseen world.

Are you open all the time to the Spirit World?

Nowadays, my answer is firm no, although it wasn’t always quite as clear-cut. These days, when I go into a restaurant, I don’t see all your friends and relatives joining you for dinner as though it’s some huge family reunion! I am training myself to shut off from those in the Spirit World when I’m not professional working. Why? You may well ask. Simple: it’s because I have a life here, and I need to be able to enjoy it without feeling as if I’m constantly on duty. We are spiritual beings as well as physical beings, and it’s so important that we honor all of ourselves. Just because spirits can come to me doesn’t mean they are in control — I am. At times people who know that I work with the spirit world have no limits and boundaries. Just because I can connect to the spirit world does not mean that I will do so at any given time. I remember I was eating at a gathering and one of the people came to me out of nowhere and ask “can you tell me what do you see in me”, I replied, “ I am having dinner now”.

Are there different levels in the Spirit World?

Most definitely. Every lesson and action you take here determines what level you’ll go to when you leave this physical world. You’re incarnated into a physical body to assist you in your soul’s growth, which is why it’s so important to try to be the best you can be while you’re here. You should continually strive to be compassionate and kind, and give assistance and love to others. This will always increase your rate of vibration. When it’s your time to pass, your spirit will gravitate to its rightful level. Be the best that you can be to yourself as well as to others. Work with the highest intentions, don’t worry too much about your personal gain from the situation. Give even when you have absolutely no gain from it. You will gain so much on your next journey. Keep feeling up your bank account with a good compassionate act. This account will pay off in the next life.

Are there bad spirits, and if so, do they come to you?

I’m blessed to be able to say that I’ve yet to connect with a malevolent spirit or energy. I have a strong code of ethics in the way I run my own life, so it goes without saying that I strongly believe in the saying “Like attracts like.” I work for the highest good, consider myself a child of God, and believe in a Higher Power; therefore, I wouldn’t attract this type of energy. I’m not that keen to call them “bad spirits,” as I’d rather refer to them as spirits that exist at a lower vibration and dwell in the lower spheres of the Spirit World. They’re just farther away from the Divine Source, so it will take longer for them to reach a higher level.

Are the spirits connected to us all the time?

Here in the physical world, your family and friends aren’t around you 24/7, but when there’s a crisis or emergency, they’re there when you need them. Well, it’s just the same way with your family and friends on the Other Side. They often know what’s going on in your life and try to let you know they are there for you, whether it’s for love, guidance, hope, or even inspiration. I’m convinced that few people actually realize just how much energy it takes for those who have passed to lower their vibration and make a connection to this physical plane. As a result, it’s not something they’re going to want to be doing all the time. I believe that they have their own learning to do over there and need time to grow and progress, which is why those who have recently passed often need time before they’re ready to connect to the living.

Do you call the dead to you?

No, it really doesn’t work like that. Just like us, spirits have free will — mediums don’t have power over them. Most of the time, you’ll hear from the ones you’re hoping will come through with a message for you, but it’s rare that a medium will guarantee who’s going to come through. I’ve done many a reading with people who want to connect with a specific person, but end up hearing from someone they never expected. It isn’t a case of 1-800-Dial-the-Dead! I don’t choose the spirits — they choose me and will often come through, not with the message you want to hear, but one you probably need to hear.

Can they help from the Other-Side?

Just like those of us dwelling here, spirits can assist you, send you love and support, and even inspire you. However, it isn’t their job to tell you what to do or to do it for you. You have to make your own decisions and take responsibility for your choices and actions. They can’t interfere with the lessons you need to learn while you’re here.

Do people change when they cross over?

Each time I link with spirits, they usually appear to be exactly the same as when they were here. People seem to think that those who pass somehow turn into these exalted beings, yet they have the same personality and quirks on the Other Side as they did before. They’re still upbeat, humorous, strict, or relaxed over there. However, I do believe that spirits progress over time, raise themselves to a higher level, and evolve. Often they will impress me with their personalities or how they acted here so that the person receiving the message can understand who it is. It’s a form of validation, which is a necessary part of the communication process. If someone was negative here, it’s likely that they’ll imprint that characteristic on me during the link, once again just to validate who they are. Have no fear. As souls, we all progress as we realize our faults, as well as whom we’ve hurt here, while we deal with all the decisions made in this lifetime. It’s almost as if we have a higher view of things when we cross over and can see why certain things transpired.

What is a “mental medium”?

“Mental mediumship” is a communication of spirits with a medium by telepathy. The medium mentally “hears” (clairaudience), “sees” (clairvoyance), and/or “feels” (clairsentience) messages from spirits. Directly, or with the help of a spirit guide, the medium passes the information on to the message’s recipient(s). When a medium is doing a “reading” for a particular person, that person is known as the “sitter”.

Can you still communicate with my parents even if they didn’t speak English?

Yes, it’s certainly possible. My type of mediumship works on a mental level, as I receive images and words through the power of thought, so there’s no language barrier. I’ve read for Chinese, Latinos, Israelis, and many more. Each time I connect with someone who has lived in another country, I always feel their culture, comprehend their language, and understand their experiences.” When a spirit wants to get a message across they’ll do anything to make sure they get to do so!

What do they do on the Other-Side?

This is always such a great question! From the many messages, I’ve delivered some don’t really say what they’re doing, while others have no problem telling me what’s going on with them on the Other Side and what they do with their time. Basically, they can do whatever they wish. Some choose to enjoy what they did here in their earthly life. Some will go back to the time prior to them being sick, some will continue to read and study, I remember a mother who came through dancing ballroom dance, she loved dancing and when she was alive she didn’t have the time to do all the things that she loved and now in the unseen world, she gets to do them. I’m always deeply moved by those stories. There are so many things they’ve told me they do on the Other Side, but what I’ve noticed most is that some continue to live through you. It is important for you to do the things that you love as they at times will accompany you and will know what shoes you bought the color of the dress you bought the other day or the fact that you driving carelessly in your new silver car.

Does it matter how long people have been on the Other-Side before they come through?

No, there is no set time limit. I’ve had spirit people come through many years after they’ve passed away — sometimes 30, 40, or even 50 years — or it could be as soon as one day. It doesn’t matter how long a person has been gone; it all depends on the people and how quickly they adjust to being in the Spirit World, and how fast they learn to work through a medium. They loved you here, they still love you there, and they want to help in any way they can.

If someone loses their spouse and meets someone else, is the one who passed away angry or upset?

No. Most important, they want you to be happy. After all, you’re the one who’s still here and has to continue living in the physical world. When people come to see me for a private reading, having lost a spouse or a partner, it’s clear that they find it really hard to move on due to their bereavement. Some people even feel guilty for being alive, and some who have met someone else feel as if they’re cheating on their spouse or partner who passed away. Many times, those who loved you here and have passed away will orchestrate your meeting someone else. In a way, they become matchmakers in heaven!

If someone was married more than once — or had more than one love in life — whom do they end up with when they pass over?

First, you have to realize that you’re thinking in terms of physical love when you ask this question. Those on the Other Side are no longer constrained by the physical body and its needs. If someone was married more than once or had numerous loves, they can gravitate to whomever they want, or go back and join the soul group from which they came. It’s my belief that we reincarnate to this physical existence with the same people we’ve been with in numerous lifetimes, and that could encompass some of the loves and close relationships we’ve had here. They could be your best friend, your partner, or even someone with who you may have had a negative experience. If there are those in your life who push you, challenge you, or make you reach far beyond your normal limitations, they’re probably helping you advance as a soul.

If there’s someone you fought with, or whom you were angry with, and they passed away before you had the chance to forgive them for what happened, how do you deal with this?

Many people have had this happen to them. They might have been fighting with someone and said hurtful things to the person before he passed, or that person said hurtful things to you. These spirits always come through with forgiveness and ask for forgiveness themselves. Believe me when I say that they know just by your thoughts that you’ve forgiven them and you love them. It’s as though they have a higher view of things once they pass over and, as a result, they can see that they were in the wrong all along. Have no fear that your loved ones care for you, and that they’ve let go of any resentment or anger. Love is eternal, and the love you have for them as well as the love they have for you is equally eternal.

How can I be more spiritual?

Being spiritual is more than just taking a workshop or reading a book —it’s a state of mind and being. How we live, what and how we think, how we love ourselves as well as others, and how we can help others in need is all part of being spiritual. We’re always given the opportunity to raise our vibration to a higher level simply through our actions. So many people are trying to have spiritual experiences when the truth is simple: we’re spiritual beings trying to have human experiences. Acts of unconditional love and compassion are the highest forms of “being spiritual.” Each and every one of us is capable of such wonderful and beautiful things. We can achieve so much with our time here, so let’s embrace it!

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