Sitting in the Power & For The Purpose of Entrancement


Explore the World of Trance Mediumship: Join Our Introductory Course!

If you’re interested in learning more about communicating with spirits and exploring the realm of trance mediumship, then an introductory course is a great place to start. This course will provide you with foundational knowledge and techniques to help you deepen your understanding of this practice.

Course Details

Join this introductory course and learn how to differentiate between sitting for meditation and sitting in power.
Learn how to allow yourself to become attuned with the power.

Entrancement For Trance

In this four hour course, Rickie will lead you into an altered state of consciousness where you will be able to access and open your awareness to the energy of the spirit within. You will be touched by the power that is within you- the ability to see, hear, and feel your spiritual senses. Moreover, you will be able to move your awareness into the realm of light where you will meet your spirit guides.

Over the course of the workshop, you will be able to utilize techniques to expend your awareness which will support your connection with your spirit friends and guides. This will help prepare you for entrancement, which will support you to trance mediumship. During this practice, you may also begin to notice how your own natural mediumistic and psychic abilities start to unfold. Sitting in the power is the foundation of all psychic and mediumship. This workshop will be a mix of theory and practice.


Sitting in the Power

This is an expansion and a way of opening your awareness to the inner and surroundings energy, the energy that is a fabric of your being, your spiritual DNA, your spirit self.

Through practice and techniques of sitting in power, we can touch this energy of who we truly are. We touch the power that is within us, the ability to hear, see, feel and know with our spiritual divine senses. We are then able to move forward and become attune, in tune and in attunement, we call this expansion entrancement. Being entranced is being in an altered states of consciousness, allowing you to be in attunemnt with your spirit friends. This will provide you with the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with your spirit team which will support your development for trance mediumship.


Who is it for?


Develop a relationship with your spirit friends, and be in-tune with your own spirit. You don’t need to have any experience in psychic, mediumship or trance. All you need is to have a sense of curiosity and love for all. Join Rickie with an open heart and willingness to learn and transform your life by unfolding what is already within.

Rickie highly recommends you take part in this workshop since it is the foundation of all mediumship abilities. It will also support your next step in the series of trance mediumship workshops offered by Rickie


Rickie, Your Trance Tutor

Rickie teaches trance classes and has herself been mentored and taught Trance Mediumship by world renowned tutors from the UK, USA and ongoing teaching from her beloved spirit team. She continues to learn and develop her motto:

“one never arrives but rather progresses eternally”

Rickie’s aim is to dispel the myths and fears related to trance and its various phenomena. She believes that Trance Mediumship is a natural process of becoming aware of one’s spirit guides.

Join us now, and dip into the world of trance mediumship!

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