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Embark on a profound exploration of your soul’s journey and enhance your spiritual growth through our transformative program. With our comprehensive spiritual assessment and the transformative power of mesmerism, you’ll embark on a deeply personal and enlightening journey to align your inner self with your higher purpose.

Course Details

In this fantastic one day intensive consciousness workshop, you will learn three different techniques: Soul Journey, Spiritual Assessment and Mesmerism. By progressing through this course you will learn the art of merging with your spirit team.

This class will cover the 3 categories:

  • Spiritual Assessment: for you to learn and provide an assessment that is geared to spiritual development aspects. This will become an asset to your tool box.
  • Soul Journey: learn how to bring forth information through the auric field while merging with your spirit teams and the spirit team of your clients. The purpose is to bring forth your client’s story to help them move forward in a areas that need transformation.
  • Mesmerism: Learn to access and feel the energy filled from your client’s energetic field . Mesmer will enable you to support people in their journey within their physical, mental, and spiritual elements.
What you can expect on your soul journey

What To Expect


Rickie will guide you step-by-step in accessing the written, documented information from your client’s energetic field and vibrational bodies. This process involves transcending into light altered states of consciousness, enabling you to merge and blend with your spirit control. These states will offer the opportunity to gracefully bring forth your client’s story, ultimately supporting them in their journey. Rickie has created a process wheel to enhance your learning and to integrate effectively into your practice.

Who This Workshop is For?


This course is designed for individuals who are comfortable with trance states and have an understanding of trance mediumship. It is not intended for beginners. In this workshop, you will be provided with tools to enhance your private practice or to explore different methods of working within trance states.

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