Fundamentals of Trance Mediumship Workshop


Delve into the foundation of trance mediumship by covering basic practices and understanding key concepts that will help those who struggle with aligning and attuning their spirit with their spirit team. This course is intended for beginners but is open to intermediate practitioners who wish to sharpen their skills.

What You’ll Get From This Class

By offering a mix of discussion and practical exercises led by Rickie, an experienced tutor in trance, this workshop offers clarity and depth to your understanding of the basics of trance mediumship as you become more attuned with your own spirit and, in turn, your spirit team.

This course will entail discussing theories and putting our insights into practice with exercises in small and large groups. The topics we will focus on during this workshop include: 

  • What is trance 
  • How to achieve an altered state of consciousness 
  • The phenomena of perception vs. control 
  • Understanding trance vs. channeling 
  • Physical mediumship vs. trance mediumship 
  • How to sit in power and achieve attunement 

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Join us for an exclusive class designed for those who wish to further explore and deepen their relationship with their spirit friends. Delve into various aspects of trance mediumship, including speaking, healing, writing, and connecting with your spirit guides.


Rickie’s Class

Fundamentals of Trance is designed for those who have been trying to sit for trance but for one reason or another are unable to feel a strong connection with the spirit world. To become one with your spirit guides and deepen that relationship, you must first become one with your own spirit. 

Through various exercises in large and small groups, Rickie will support you in moving beyond the limitations of your mind, and you will gain the confidence you need to begin or continue your work with trance mediumship. We will explore and debunk the myths and fears around trance mediumship, which will give you a deep understanding of what trance truly is and how it works. This workshop provides you with the foundational understanding of how to sit in the power to achieve attunement with your own spirit and then be able to blend with your spirit team. You will learn how to achieve an altered state of consciousness required for trance. Rickie will be guiding you step by step on how to become familiar with your spirit friends who are waiting for you to become aware of their presence in your life.


Trance mediumship requires patience and deep understanding before experiencing attunement with your own spirit and then deepening your connection to your spirit team. Investing time to clearly understand trance work and learn practical exercises will only help you on your journey to becoming aware and free as you reach further than the limits of your physical world and into the depths of spirit. 

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