Deepen Your Trance Mediumship Workshop


A course designed for those who wish to explore the potential of trance and deepen their relationship with their spirit team. Anyone from no experience but a very open mind and heart all the way to experienced mediums are welcome and will benefit from the topics of discussion and practical exercises.

What You’ll Get From This Class

Understand the benefits of trance and enhance your abilities to truly blend with your spirit control. Furthermore, you will learn to develop the sensitivity to better identify their frequency, subsequently being led to develop a comfort level with your spirit team. All of this will be under the guidance of Rickie, an experienced trance tutor.

The course will be split up into discussing theories as well as practicing exercises in small and large groups. We will explore topics such as:

  • Spirit Control: What, who, and how
  • Explore various aspect of trance mediumship.
  • Learn to differentiate whether it is the spirit, yourself, or your higher self.
  • Developing a higher level of intuition and inspiration that will support you in your daily life.
  • Learn to discern when observing trance and understand how to recognize the presence of spirit
    You will practice
  • Trance Speaking
  • Trance Healing to self and others
  • Medical Intuition
  • Angels & Guides

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Join us for an exclusive class designed for those who wish to further explore and deepen their relationship with their spirit friends. Delve into various aspects of trance mediumship, including speaking, healing, writing, and connecting with your spirit guides.


Rickie’s Class

Rickie will guide you step by step on how to become familiar with those who walk silently beside you, waiting for you to acknowledge their presence in your life. We will then deepen your understanding of the term spirit control and what to expect when a spirit expresses their personality through you as an instrument, a channel. Another topic of discussion will be what it means to be in the presence of your spirit friends as well as how to achieve a deeper altered state of consciousness to gain a closer blending of spirits with your spirit friends. Furthermore, we will look at how we strengthen our connection with spirit and how to incorporate this type of communication into your daily life. 

Deepen Your Trance course is filled with stimulating exercises that support and enhance the learned aspects of trance. Rickie will be providing you with individual support and feedback throughout the course. You will benefit most if you approach this experience with love and openness toward your spirit friends and fellow coursemates. 


Growing in your understanding of trance, its benefits, and the deep relationship potential with your spirit team are only enriched by continuing to learn and grow on your trance mediumship journey.  This course is just one step on your way to a daily connection and strong awareness of your spirit guides and what the spirit world has to offer you for a more aware and enlightened life. 

Need to Know to Make Your Experience A Success

  • Platform: Zoom – The Zoom room will be open 20 minutes prior to the start time. Please log on at least 15 minutes before the workshop begins. Keep your video on during the class and maintain your audio on mute throughout the session, unless invited to speak or ask a question.
  • Device: Use any computer device available to you. Cellphones cannot be used to participate in the workshop, as they are not compatible with the trance experience.
  • Recording: There will be no recording provided. Participants are asked not to record the session on their own devices.
  • Pen and Notebook: Feel free to take as many notes as you wish.
  • Distractions: Ensure that TVs, radios, and pets are not present during the class. While some environmental sounds are uncontrollable, please minimize any within your control.
  • Headphones: If using headphones to block external sound, be aware that they do not block your sound for others in breakout rooms.
  • Chair: Use a chair with an upright back for support. Avoid lying in bed or on a sofa; imagine you are in an in-person classroom setting.
  • Dress Code: As you will be collaborating with the spirit and the divine, please dress appropriately.
  • Eating: Avoid eating during the class to prevent nausea due to high energy. If you have low blood sugar, you may eat during the break. Please refrain from chewing gum or candy during the class.
  • Breaks: There will be a 30-minute lunch break and short 5-minute breaks.
  • Drink: Keep a glass of water nearby, as hydration is crucial. If possible, avoid stimulants like coffee before class and refrain from drinking alcohol 24 hours prior.
  • Effectiveness of Trance Mediumship: This depends on the harmony created within the group by participants and the facilitator. The facilitator reserves the right to remove anyone whose behavior disrupts this harmony.
  • All Rights Reserved: Rickie’s teachings, forms, processes, website, and all its contents are protected by copyright and other laws. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from Rickie Avitan, Psychic Trance Medium. This Terms & Conditions Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and Rickie Avitan, governing your use of the Service and superseding any prior agreements.

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