Trance Physical Mediumship Intensive Workshop


Join Jo Bradley On A 4-Day Intensive Workshop

Jo Bradley is offering a rare in-person trance physical mediumship workshop in British Columbia, Canada. Join us in a special and unique opportunity to experience and learn from a renown medium.

Hosted by Rickie Avitan, Psychic, Trance Medium, Spiritual Healer & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Workshop Details

In this full four-day trance and physical mediumship workshop, you will learn the art of trance and physical mediumship. Each day you will be introduced to a phenomena within the trance and/or physical mediumship realm.

This intensive workshop will include a building of power enabling you to build strong rapport with your spirit teams. Learn the blending through the loop system that Jo has developed and practice alongside Jo to build and strengthen the unique bond with your spirit teams and your spirit control. Join Jo in creating the condition for trance harmony. 


What to Expect

Each day will be part theory and part exercises where you will apply what you learned into your practice.

You will be receiving tools that will enable you to build and strengthen the trance mediumship as well as tools for physical mediumship phenomena.

You will work with the different trance phenomena such as:

  • Trance speaking
  • Trance healing & communication
  • Table tilting
  • Transfiguration.

Event Details

Date: May 1, 2, 3, 4, 2024
Time: 10 AM – 4 PM

Price: $475 (pre-registration and payment needed. No sales at the door)
Registration: 9:30 AM – 10 AM

Your Registration Includes: Admission to the Transfiguration Demonstration class on May 04 time 7-9PM.

Location (In-Person): First United Spiritualist Church, 5584 Kincaid St, Burnaby, BC V5G 1W3

What To Bring:

  • Own Lunch
  • Bottled Water
  • Notebook and Pen

Tea and Snacks will be provided.

First United Spiritualist Church


Jo Bradley


Rickie Avitan

Jo Bradley is a highly accomplished individual who possesses various spiritual gifts and has dedicated her life to mediumship and teaching others. From an early age, Jo’s clairaudience and clairvoyance abilities became apparent, with the presence of raps and knocks and her experience as a sleepwalker indicating potential physical mediumship and trance phenomena.

Jo’s talents were recognized at the College of Psychic Studies in London, where her abilities in trance and physical mediumship were identified. This was thanks to one of her tutors during the Daniel Dunglas event. This revelation prompted Jo to delve into her family history, leading her to discover her lineage in physical mediumship.

Over the past two decades, Jo has devoted herself to the development of trance and physical mediumship, experiencing a wide range of phenomena such as transfiguration, levitation, direct voice, etherealization, materialization, and apports, among others. Her gifts have been tested by a retired scientist who co-wrote her first book, “Spirit in the Physical.” Subsequently, Jo authored her second book, “Pathway to Spirit,” documenting her personal journey and sharing true experiences with readers.

Jo firmly believes that knowledge is power. In 2022, she realized her vision by opening a spiritual center called Hope in North Blackpool, England. The center serves as a safe and supportive environment, bringing together esteemed tutors to share their wisdom and spread love to humanity through their work with the spirit world.

Rickie is an international Psychic, Trance Medium, Spiritual Healer and Clinical Hypnotherapist who specializes in trance mediumship teaching.

As a Trance Medium, Rickie transitions into an altered state of consciousness to become a channel for spirit physicians, guides, and clinicians. Over the last 15 years she has supported and guided countless individuals in their process of self-actualization. Helping them move through the process of grief and bereavement. You are always welcome to join Rickie wherever you are along your journey of self discovery.

As a psychic medium, Rickie is a trusted professional in the field, she attended Arthur Findlay College, the foremost leader in Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences. Through the college, Rickie has continuously strived to develop herself through dedicated practice in meditation and development classes with internationally renowned mediums. Rickie, a natural-born medium with a gift of spirit communication is passionate on helping others, of which she became a member and student of the Spiritualists’ National Union and the Spiritualists’ National Union International.

Through her gifts, Rickie brings forth strong evidence, validation, healing, and loving messages from the spiritual world. Participating in a medium reading allows people to move through loss, life transitions as well as to help the departed heal. As a medium, she aims to ease the fear of death or dying, prove survival of passed souls, and to bring comfort, healing and hope to the bereaved. 

Jo Bradley’s Workshop

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